Kitchen Trends This Season

For a chic and neat approach, AyA advises opting for black and white cabinetry.

Photo credit: Nelson Costa, AyA Kitchens.

As a new season comes upon us, fresh trends have arrived. The kitchen is the heart of our homes, and since we are spending more and more time there, it deserves to be designed with the latest styles in mind.

Bold black and bright white take turn serving as the top kitchen colors but why not a mix of both? The tuxedo style is this year’s statement, bringing elegance to classic design. By pairing white upper cabinetry with black lower ones, you get the best of both worlds.

It doesn’t always have to be black and white, though. Tuxedo cabinets are extremely versatile. Whether you’re into traditional or more contemporary design, feel free to explore various door features and colors to make it work for your space. Two-tone cabinets are in, transforming your kitchen into top of trend.

Another décor idea in the cool season is to incorporate earthy materials in the kitchen, where meals are made and shared. As designers bring the raw beauty of the outdoors inside the home, natural wood has made its long-awaited return to popularity. The industrial look of natural grained wood is eye-catching and a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. If you want to bring a rustic feel to your kitchen without sacrificing a modern style, try pairing marble countertops with dark wood cabinetry – a design that embraces the old and the new.

Appliance garages (built-in compartments for your small appliances) offer the perfect solution for out-of-sight, out-of-mind storage and are a great way to combine style with efficiency. Accessible cabinetry that can be pulled out or pushed up allows you to gain extra counter space and declutter.

If you have a wall of cabinetry with no countertop below it, a garage-style door that opens top-down can create a flat surface utilized for various kitchen activities. If you’re storing your coffee machine in a cabinet, it may be helpful to keep items such as coffee grounds and sugar there as well so the things you need are all in one spot. Polish the look of your kitchen by stashing smaller appliances behind closed doors for convenience and accessibility.

AyA Kitchens By combining old world craftsmanship and attention to detail with high tech manufacturing processes, AyA offers innovative, quality cabinetry at competitive prices, incomparable selection of colors, styles, and accessories to help you create your ultimate living space. Every AyA kitchen is designed and made just for you.

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