A Comprehensive List of Student Organisations to Help International Students Assimilate in Canada

Studying in Canada can be a life changing experience. Many around the world think of immigrating to Canada and building a new life for themselves. Often, their starting point is through education. Canada offers a variety of courses and educational opportunities highly regarded in academic circles everywhere. 

To many students, their journey in Canada starts with a comprehensive process of applying for visas, schools, financial aid, etc. While there are plenty of resources to help students gather all the information they need to immigrate successfully to Canada, it can be overwhelming sometimes. 

This article combines those resources in one place and categorizes them into:

  • Schools and Universities,
  • Financial Resources,
  • Canadian Culture,
  • Document Guide,
  • and Other resources.

The sources are verified to be authentic and some are even endorsed on the Canandian government’s website. They can help students navigate their new life in Canada easily.  

Schools and Universities

The first step toward planning to study in Canada is picking a school of your choice. The following list comprises interactive maps, tools and articles that can help students find colleges and universities that offer courses relevant to them. 

Choosing a program and school

Featured study programs in Canada 

Search college and university programs in Canada 

Map of colleges and universities in Canada 

Canadian Colleges and Universities to Consider 

Directory of Educational Institutions in Canada 

Financial Resources

This section focuses on available financial resources. These involve information on scholarships, aids, banks in Canada, tax information, and other assistance that an international student might need to learn or prepare for before and during their stay in Canada.

Study costs for international students in Canada
How to choose a bank in Canada 

International money transfer to and from Canada 

Student Direct Stream (SDS) 

GIC rates for your Canadian study permit application

Financial Aid in Canada
Tax Returns in Canada 

Loans for International Students sans a Cosigner 

Canadian Culture

Once the students have reached Canada, often they are faced with a culture shock. It is a different country and a completely new environment after all. These resources are here to prepare students for their assimilation into the Canadian culture and way of living.

Canadian culture – Brief Overview Experiencing Canada 

International student life in Canada 

Life in Canada

Document Assistance

Once the students have figured out their preferred courses and schools, the next step is to start preparing a checklist of all the documents required to qualify for a student visa in Canada. The resources listed below serve as a guide on where to start and which documents to collate before applying for your visa.

Canada Study Permit – Introduction and Eligibility 

Letter of Acceptance 

English language tests

Study permit: About the process

Guide to Getting a Visa

Other resources

This section collates all other resources that will help students with finding accommodations, rentals, other FAQs about life in Canada, finding credible immigration consultants, learning about work and job boards.

Accommodations for Students in Canada

Provinces and territories in Canada

Frequently asked questions – International Students

Booking an Immigration ConsultantFinding jobs in Canada

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