5 Minutes with Khang Lego

How he injects a Vietnamese essence into works of Lego.

Photo courtesy of Khang Lego.

Huynh Cao Vu Khang, also known by the nickname Khang Lego, was born and raised in Saigon. Khang Lego is a well-known face in the My Own Creation (MOC) community, where players who design their own Lego models meet. The works by Khang often depict familiar images in the daily life of Vietnamese people, such as a 50cc Cub motorbike, a yellow train station covered with confetti flowers, or a roadside hair salon. The most prominent ones are the Tết Food Tray and Street Noodle Soup, which were featured on Lego’s official fanpage. Khang studied interior design and graphic design. He currently works as a freelance designer and graffiti artist in Saigon. He is also the owner of a small studio in District 10, where he displays his models.

When were you introduced to Lego? Where did your passion for these minifigures come from?

I’ve known about Lego since I was four or five years old. Back in those days, I felt like there was something really powerful about these mini pieces. You can use them to assemble many, many, many things such as houses, robots, tanks, planes. I didn’t even need to ask my parents for other toys. Indeed, the endless creative combinations formed by these little bricks has sparked my passion. It wasn’t until 2018 that I started to get more serious with Lego, investing time, money, and effort.

You once took a break from Lego, and then came back to it. Why did you make that decision?

It was probably during high school and college when I wanted to focus on studying and many other things. I remember packing all my Lego sets in bags and giving them to my cousins. Later on when I felt a lot more comfortable about time and money, I thought it was the right time to rekindle my passion.

How many Lego collections have you made so far? Which one is the most difficult? And which one is your favorite?

I don’t collect much, most of my Lego pieces are just a bunch of bricks which serve as materials for my creative play style. My favorite collection is the Monochrome-Minifigure, which contains unprinted Lego minifigures constructed out of one plain color.

Tell us how your process works, from brainstorming an idea to completing the work.

This is a question I get asked a lot. Most of my works are built to imitate things that I encounter in daily life. Everything that appears in front of my eyes and impresses me is selected and noted in my head. Then it develops into an idea for a Lego work.

After shaping the idea, I take reference photos and start sketching, sometimes on paper, sometimes just in my head.

Next, I look for the most suitable Lego pieces and start assembling. Once in a while things don’t go as smoothly as I had hoped, there will be missing pieces or works that are not pretty when finished. All of these factors lead me in many different directions before I reach the perfect point.

Do you have any inspirational words to share with young people?

For me, Lego is passion, and passion is an indispensable part of life. I think that everyone should have their own passion because it is not only motivation to overcome a rocky road and a comfort zone when you are tired, but passion provides a luminous light on your long life journey.

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