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In the 1970s, Hollywood star Tippi Hedren visited Hope Village in Sacramento and introduced the nail profession to the first 20 Vietnamese women. Since then, the nail profession has taken off in Vietnamese communities in North America and around the world.
According to nailsmag.com, statistics for 2013-2014 show that Vietnamese nail salons account for more than half of the American nail industry. In 2017, Americans spent $ 8.53 billion for nail care, while Canadians spent $ 5 billion.
Following is the successful story of a Vietnamese brand specializing in nail products. Bui Thi Mai Chau, CEO of Kem Ben Thanh, shares her journey to conquer the nail market.

What do you think about today’s nail industry?

In the past, we simply wanted enough food and warm clothing. But today, we want delicious food and to be well dressed. The demand for body beauty is comprehensive, not only for face and hair but also hands and feet. The nail industry was born to meet those needs. We have tried to develop and introduce the most advanced nail technology to our customers.

Where does the name Kem Ben Thanh come from?

As a child of the gentle Mekong Delta, Ben Thanh Market has long been a familiar symbol for me. Its name is not only lovely but also rustic as an image of the Southern people in the fat alluvial plain. I love to make good nail products that serve the majority of consumers. That is where the brand name came from.

What is the secret of Phuc An – Kem Ben Thanh’s success?

A high quality, handmade production process. Plus, experience in the field of nails and a professional attitude. Tell us about the product development of your cuticle nippers.
Vietnamese nippers are famous worldwide for sharpness compared to other products from India or Pakistan. We have chosen a handicraft production method with strict criteria, actively seeking high-quality materials, assembling, plating, and grinding. This may be a costly procedure, but ensuring the quality of the product is the commitment we have to our customers.

Currently, your brand is in the United States, Canada, Japan, and China. How does this make you feel?

Receiving the trust and support of customers brings us happiness and also the motivation to continue to develop products. These results clearly demonstrate that when we put our minds into the work, we are paid off.

Can you share the evaluation criteria of a good nipper?

First is the durability, the ability to cut many sets of nails without the edges having to be ground many times. Long lasting nippers save the owner the effort and cost to sharpen. Next is the sharpness that determines the ability to shape when cutting nails. A sharp nipper is a helpful item when cutting nails. Finally, you must consider the rust level and lifespan. A good nipper is made of special steel, with a surface coating to reduce rust and abrasion, thus increasing the tool’s life.

What is the state of Vietnamese nail industry, and what does the future hold?

The Vietnamese community is in a very strong position in the nail industry. With the advantage of long experience, commitment, skill, and a progressive spirit, I believe that the Vietnamese nail business fields will grow stronger in the future. The Vietnamese handicraft products are greatly appreciated in the market and the products of Kiem Ben Thanh are typical examples. The diligence and dedication of each step in the production line of nippers shows the hard work of meticulous workmanship. However, there are still many competitive challenges from many rivals in other countries. This will require Kiem Ben Thanh, as well as other Vietnamese branded nipper,s to be constantly learning and improving to bring the best quality products to customers.

What is the company’s next objective?

Good quality, competitive, with a reasonable price and always ensuring the status of adequate goods for all seasons is the guideline for our activities. The next objective of Phuc An – Kiem Ben Thanh is to minimize the production steps to lower costs and optimize the quality of products to meet the needs of nail artists and regular consumers.

What advice can you share with young people who want to pursue a career in the beauty industry?

I think young people have to be more energetic to convert their failures today into successes for the next day. We do not have to be too excellent but just need to remember “Practice Makes Perfect.”

Do you want to send New Year wishes to readers of Culture Magazin?

Our entire Phuc An company would like to wish your esteemed readers peace, good health and and a life of smooth sailing.

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